The Company is approved by all major Classification Societies for performing UTM Surveys worldwide, either afloat or during repairs , for owner’s account or for scheduled Surveys. All Level II operators are capable to produce the formal UTM reports of Survey to the attending Surveyor prior to vessel’s departure from the shipyard. Steel Weight estimations , may also be prepared based on UTM readings taken , during voyage/ loading/unloading operations , to assist owners prepare their budget prior to ship repairs.
In an efford to improve our Service to customers and also reduce UTM costs, we have enriched our team with specialized Technicians using the Rope Access Techniques. These are specially skilled personnel not only trained in UTM but also trained and certified for climbing as per the Internationally recognized IRATA System, world leaders in the field. Wherever means for access (Cherry pickers,cranes) are not available for dry cargo vessels or rafting inside the cargo tanks is to be avoided for Tanker vessels, we may assist you anywhere around the world with our flying squads, making substantial savings to your Companies.

Following industry’s trend, we have established the company ” JIANGYIN SHUNZHOU SHIP ENGINEERING Co. LTD ” in China in order to comply with the new MSA legislation regarding service suppliers, as put in force since August 2019

Our team of Naval Architects/superitendents, attend ship repair repair worldwide, supervising works/retrofits as per Client’s instructions.

Our experienced Technical experts may perform any type of Ship Survey upon request, either our Piraeus or Shanghai office.